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Tea Time Talk by David & Partners – Financing your Australian Property Investment

Investing in property is one of the more popular choices of Australians and other investors from all over the world. However, in order to gain the most out of the investment, it is critical to match it with a mortgage solution. According to David Docking, Managing partner at David & Partners, the best solution would be to ensure a competitive rate on the loan with loan features that are suitable to a particular situation. It is important to explore all lending policies and procedures to be updated by any last minutes changes made by banks.

David will be at Dempsey Brasserie for a tea time talk on Wednesday, 18th March, 3pm to share his insights.

home-366927_640Options available for Australian property investors

Standard variable rate – offers a competitive rate including flexible features applicable to your changing needs. An obligation-free conditional pre-approval can be provided so that you can start looking at properties. This option is what you will likely go for after completing an introductory fixed, tracker or discounted deal because your mortgage payments can go up or down according to the movements of interest rates. The rate you will pay for the SVR mortgage will be determined by the mortgage lender so that if the interest rate increases by 1%, the lender can choose not to increase the SVR or they could increase the SVR by an amount less than 1%, exactly 1% or more than 1%.

Fixed rate mortgage – it can be hard to predict whether interest rates will go or down in the future but fixed mortgage rates provide you the peace of mind against such uncertainty. However, before making the decision on fixed mortgage rates, it makes sense to listen to opinions whether pro or con because their reasons are often justifiable and based on statistics and economic trends. You certainly do not want to end up paying more for a property if the interest rates should suddenly fall down.

Combination loans or part fixed and variable – means gaining the advantages of both worlds. It sounds too good to be true but this type of mortgage is aimed to provide borrowers with security during an unpredictable climate. If the borrower obtains a loan on a variable rate, once it increases, it can be switched to a fixed rate and back to the variable rate if interest rates drop. While this option provides a measure of security for the borrower, it is not suitable for all borrowers.

Interest only mortgage – the payment that the borrower is required to pay consists only of the interest for a specified period of 5 or 10 years. The borrower has the option to pay more for the interest but the principal remains unchanged. This option is ideal for borrowers with fluctuating incomes so that they make substantial payments to the principal when they have the money.

David & Partners can help you compare different loans and interest rates to help you work out the best arrangements. There is always a change that there is a superior option available that can significantly provide you savings and tax benefits in your Australian property investment. There are many options for property investors in Australia and the best fit will depend upon a particular strategy and investment situation.

The Philosophy behind our Menu

Many consumers nowadays are attracted by restaurants that advertise organic and healthy menus but it is different from the philosophy of serving healthy food that is attractive and delicious at the same time. Every since we opened our restaurant, we have been passionate about our philosophy of providing our customers with meals that they will never forget – menus that are so memorable and unique.

Understanding the Singaporean consumer has helped us build out philosophy. When people eat, they want to make human connections at restaurants and it is very significant to have friendly staff that will make customer service very valuable. The right combination of good food and impeccable service is what makes a restaurant tick. A happy and satisfied customer will eventually become an important source of recommendation. Even with today’s digital generation, word of mouth still prevails.


Most of the best restaurants in Singapore can be found in Dempsey because of the peaceful environment that is not too far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Dempsey restaurants are the best place for a Sunday brunch or a romantic, affordable dinner. Every restaurant has an owner that has unique ideas and philosophies that are reflected in their menus. Food is generous, fresh and uncomplicated with toned-down renditions for children guests. Seafood is a favorite in Singapore but in case you belong to the minority and prefer something else there is always roasted chicken and a wide range of stir-fry noodles with matching salad made from freshly picked vegetables.

It is not actually difficult to provide customers with the nourishment they seek. With a good chef, there will always be delicious and healthy choices. However, it does not mean that you will not enjoy exotic and unique menus because restaurants in Dempsey also serve the latest fusion dishes. Most of the fusion dishes are a combination of the traditional delicacies of different regions in Southeast Asia. Traditional Chinese noodles will have a different taste if combined with the sweet and spicy sauce that Southeast Asia is known for.

There are many success stories in Singapore that is why the nation is considered as the food capital of Asia. Many entrepreneurs are eyeing the restaurant business because they know that there is never a dearth of customers who want to enjoy a different culinary experience. While starting a food business in Singapore can be relatively expensive, the government is providing grants to encourage the industry. However, starting a restaurant is not a guarantee of success since restaurateurs need a unique brand and a philosophy they must adhere to. It is also important to ensure that service staff is friendly and knows how to deal with people because customers never forget when they experience poor service. Simple gestures like smiling and saying thank you are not overlooked by most customers.

It is also important for the restaurant owner to be passionate about the business because the industry is not for profit alone. If the reason for putting up a restaurant is to gain the most profits from the endeavor, you are in a wrong business.

Fun-filled photo Friday with dmoment!

The highlight of any event is on the entertainment of its guests. Apart from the sumptuous food the guests look forward to a lot of dancing and merry making. They look forward to seeing their friends and or family who they have not seen for a long while. They look forward to catching up on all the major events that they had missed on.

At the end of the day how will one remember that event or the day’s celebrations?

In this day and age of endless selfies, some coming out well while some are just pure disastrous, one needs to find a good photographer who can take excellent photos. But hey aren’t we all tired with the whole “squeeze in together, now smile, you over there come in front here, etc.” there has to be a better way of forming memories and keeping them.

funThis is where photo booths came in…Oh, the inventor of this needs to be given some major award. Traditionally, photo booths are vending machines that contain an automated camera and film processor. It is a big cubicle with a camera taking snapshots on continuous mode. The booths can fit up to eight people, and they can be customized with backdrops to rhyme with the theme of the day. If it is a Halloween party, the booth will contain a lot of scary backgrounds and even extra costumes to make your moment there super duper.

D’MOMENT is taking the concept even further. They have staff taking images to liven up the atmosphere, and bring along a roving photographer who will mix with the crowd. We’re so glad to have them on board.

Kids have been known to enjoy themselves wherever. Be it by the roadside playing with some paddle of water, or in the house playing catch me if you can, or having fun in the bouncing castles. When it comes to adults, they are more reserved and cautious of their image. Thus, they will keep to themselves and just involve themselves in modest activities.

Inside the photo booth, the masks are put aside. Grandparents chuckle with their grandkids as they take one photo after another. Adults walk in and make hilarious faces without having some photographer ordering them on how to pose. The pictures capture every laughter, every good cheer, and it is as real as it gets. You can be yourself without minding who is watching. The whole group can take photos together without having to decide who takes the camera and who takes over so that the first person can come into the picture.

The photo booth excitement has now become something to look forward to at every event. The guest’s faces liven up at the sight of the booth as they look forward to the great moments they will have in it. The fact that they can get the pictures instantly is a plus, but some even forget about the images as they giggle their way out of the booth.

If you are yet to enjoy, the pleasure of a photo booth has no worry. There are so many other people who have not. At every function that we rent the booth, there is always some first-time Booth user who is left amazed by the fun they get experience inside then booth. This concept is now being witnessed in a couple of countries and the booths are now set up even at the malls where families that frequent there over the weekend can take awesome photos and make memories last a lifetime. So next time you step out after putting on that great pair of jeans, and you see a photo booth, don’t shy away. Just get in and have some great pictures taken.

Social Saturday: Speed Dating Dinner

Speed dating dinner is the best way for singles to mix and mingle. In 2013, a total of 485 singles created a new speed dating record for Singapore when they turned up for a Saturday night dinner and dance. The environment is totally comfortable because it typically held in a restaurant, a club or a bar. The general atmosphere is relaxed, safe and happy which encourages many singles to attend.

Why speed dating dinner is better than the traditional date

Swedish_cuisine-Midnight_supperA typical speed date is often held in a restaurant where tables are placed randomly and dinner served for the guests. After the sumptuous dinner, speed dating will take place. The singles usually start by chatting up the person next to them for a few minutes before moving on to meet another person. In a traditional date, you often count the minutes for dinner to be over so that you won’t get bored to death. In speed dating, you meet a wide variety of individuals and there is always a chance that someone will be interesting enough for a second date. You do not end up bored or disinterested because with the sound of the bell, you have to move on and meet the next person. It can be chaotic with everyone talking and gesturing but speed dating is one way to meet new friends as well as someone special that may eventually matter. However, even if you do not meet that special someone, speed dating is still very exciting and an entirely different experience. It is pretty obvious that you cannot judge a person in a few minutes but there are many ways to follow up with the person who caught your interest.

Speed dating with food

Speed dating is not all about meeting new friends, it also concerns food. Speed dating can transform a quiet evening at a restaurant into one of its busiest Saturday dinners. Chefs compete with themselves to create the best dishes that will lend justice to the lively and exciting event. Guests do not only gain a night of entertainment and fun because restaurants ensure that they are satisfied with the food. Since there is usually a registration process, the restaurant knows in advance how many singles are expected for Saturday night dinner. Chefs certainly want to serve the tastiest asparagus and freshest lettuce they can find in the market because there is always a likely chance for the singles to eventually become loyal customers after tasting the good food served. Food is very crucial during Saturday speed dating because organizers certainly want all their guests to be satisfied and happy. The presence of too many singles to mingle with can be pretty taxing and restaurants make certain that guests will not be hungry and tired.

Many feel that speed dating has more benefits than single bars where it seems that everybody is on a lookout to meet someone special. Speed dating is something that women in groups can go to where they are not pressured to select or reject. Participants have to wait for a day or two before they get results.

Our Latest Fusion Dish

In Singapore, Dempsey Hill is one of the hottest destinations for restaurants that serve fusion dishes. Fusion food is the combination of two cuisines from different regions in order to create an exciting food experience for people who want to enjoy generous, fresh and uncomplicated food. Fusion restaurants in Singapore typically offer a combination of dishes from two Southeast Asian countries that have become significantly popular due to their traditional ingredients.

Broaden your dining experience through fusion cuisine

Fusion food is the ideal choice if you want to enjoy a new excitement when dining out. Fusion food is not the usual cuisine that you order in restaurants because if offers your palette a pleasure you have never experienced before. The objective in fusion cuisine is to bring together the traditional dishes from two regions to satisfy a larger group of diners. An example of Asian fusion food is Stir Fried Water Spinach which is a combination of the Chinese style stir fry with the Malaysian green. Chefs have the choice to combine stir fry Chinese noodles and fresh salads that characterize Malaysian dishes. Other dishes have a more pronounced Thai flair and utilize the sweet hot dressing that is distinctly Southeast Asian. Fusion food is also the perfect choice for diners who prefer healthy food because they can have a pick from among the best ingredients that will fulfill their requirements.

The secret of fusion food

The secret of fusion food is not to use too many flavors and the combination must be absolutely delicious. Ingredients can be interwoven and interchanged but the traditional recipe should not be abused. It is alright to create more exciting combinations but it should still reflect on the homegrown delicacy. What the chef does at the fusion restaurants in Dempsey is to create a happy marriage between two cuisines. On the other hand, it does not mean that fusion food can only be created from the cuisines of Southeast Asia because chefs have the freedom to make something unique by combining the best ingredients for which a dish is known for. The all-time favorite Italian pizza can be topped with stir-fried chicken or pork with chili or basil or the Italian spaghetti can be given a different flavor with spicy salted fish or tuna. Different variations can be invented to ensure that the dish will be a gustatory delight.

Finding that perfect fusion restaurant in Dempsey

It is not that difficult to find the best restaurant that serves fusion food in Dempsey. You just need to ask where your friends usually hang out and you will know where the best fusion food is served. However, it does not mean that you cannot order the standard fare from fusion restaurants; they still offer traditional dishes for diners who prefer food they are familiar with. Fusion food is simply an alternative for diners who want a different thrill when dining out. If you are uncertain about fusion food, try it but be prepared since it is an entirely different experience.

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